About Us

Hüsamettin Peker İnşaat Müteahhitliği (Construction Business) was found in 1973 in order to display activity in construction-conracting and has continued its activities under the name of “Husamettin Peker Insaat Taahhut Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi” (Husamettin Peker Construction Contract Industry and Trade Limited Company) since 2008. In the first years, the activities were primarily in the road construction and service buildings while they have been extended to the public service buildings, mass housing, hospital construction, military premises, infrastructure and road construction projects since foundation of Burakcan Insaat ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi in 1995 and Mapek Insaat ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi in 2011. Our company is today among the prestigious and unaltered firms of the industry as a result of the obtained experience and reliability.

Our companies complete the projects they undertake before the deadline, creating a high-level employment.

With its distinguished consultants, technicians in every branch and the administrative management, our company has closely followed the technological developments and enlarged its machine and equipment park in line with the said innovations. Creating employment opportunities in the regions where it has activities, our firm contributes the economy of our country thanks to its growing machine park and capital.

Embarking on construction and real estate investments in the private sector in recent years, our companies take firm steps forward without sacrificing the principles “honest work” and “quality business”.

We target a global company which has empowered its structure with its expert staff, managed to establish strategic internal and external partnerships within a wide range of sectors, is able to benefit from all opportunities presented by the technology and modern management, and above all, grows together with our country.

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